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  /  Uncategorised   /  The top 5 scariest things a designer will ever hear. As voted for by me.

It’s the season to be terrified. One, because of the barrage of evil looking masks I lovingly shield my 2 year old from during our weekly shop, only to turn around a second later and find her running at me wearing a scream mask (I’m sure those masks get more freaky each year). But as I get older, because of the cost of it all. A day at the pumpkin farm here, a fancy dress outfit for each party there, a bucket load of sweets to bargain with the local youths not to egg my windows. Some of the older ones don’t even bother with an outfit, they just shove a witches hat on and hold out their lazy little hands. Come on! Give me something for my money guys. Anyway… Hap-hap-happy Halloween!

The season of spookiness got me thinking. What gives me the heebie-jeebies professionally speaking? Turns out… Many things in the creative world are far scarier than a two year old in a scream mask AND the local youths egging my door put together. So here it is, my definitive list of the 5 scariest things a designer will ever hear. As voted for by me.

At number 5: “The client is coming in to sit with you and design it together”.
The pressure! What if I freeze up and forget how to design? What if I swear? What if I die?

In at number 4: “Jon is using your Mac while you’re away, can you tidy your desktop?” 4 hours later, there’s me still frantically sifting through and deleting pictures of dogs in top-hats…

At number 3: Marketing jargon: “From the ideation workshop we completed as part of our IMC strategy, we have determined that we can capture low hanging fruit by targeting new ABC1s rather than our standard 80/20 ruling. Please create a through the line campaign which meets both this criteria and addresses our KPIs. Oh, and we’ll need this ASAP”. WHAT DOES IT MEEEAN?!

At number 2: “Did you read page 57 of the brand guidelines?” I mean, I’m more of a visual person and there were no pictures on page 57. 

And in at the top spot  – every designer’s favourite: “Can you design it for Word and Powerpoint?” No Carol. Not today. Not any day.

And there you have it. After confronting each one of these scenarios head on during my career, with what I can only describe as pure and utter bravery, I feel I am equipped to face any ghost, ghoul or plain clothed youth that comes to my door this Halloween. Bring it on.