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That Girl With The Ideas

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I love me an invention. A gadget. A gizmo. A thingamajig. Something that exists to make my life easier or better: I am down with that. The fan hat, for example, has actually saved my husband’s life on more than one occasion (and he looks fancy in it too). I am first in line on launch day of the latest iPhone – the thing recognises my face and has a cute nickname for me… We’re mates. I have a button on my fridge that when pressed, orders bottled water to my door the next day (yes it probably costs me fifty quid a time and yes, it’s problematic when my toddler gets hold of it and orders 15 cases of the stuff), but nonetheless… We now have cars that park themselves (need), trains that drive themselves, 3D printers that print actual human body parts! Stop it, I can’t cope – I need to lie down.

What I’m saying is from fan hats, to iPhones to 3D printing ears and kidneys… Technology. Is. Incredible.


Behind all of the best ideas – and they were ALL just ideas once – is a HUMAN brain. A chap or chapette sitting in a dark corner somewhere pushing a pencil manically around a page thinking excitedly to themselves “I’m onto something here…” And then they go and change the world. Probably not just like that, but in essence, pretty much just like that.

For me, it’s no different. My ideas may not change the world (yet… I’m working on that), but they certainly change a client’s world. Whether it’s more sales, more website hits, more brand awareness or just to reconnect with and establish their business’ tone of voice, I am that chapette in a dark corner pushing a pencil manically around a page to ‘invent’ a creative way of achieving it. And for me, the thrill of chasing that idea and knowing that I will get there, that there is always a better way, is what it’s all about. I mean, it’s not always as joyous as I make it sound, sometimes it can flow straight out and other times you’ll find me bashing my head against a wall or spouting ‘strap-lines’ in my sleep, but it’s all part of the ‘fun’.

So yes, whilst I love me a good invention, I love me a worn down HB pencil more.