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That Girl With The Ideas

  /  Uncategorised   /  It really is the winning that counts!

So there I was, standing in the spotlight, on stage, award in-hand, looking out to a room full of people and soaking up the applause… yes me! On any other day I don’t have any problem admitting that this would be beyond my worst nightmare – but this particular moment was pretty damn exciting.

It’s always nice to get recognition (us Creatives are a little precious like that), but it’s even nicer when it’s from a panel of industry gurus who really know their stuff and still decided to stick my name on the ‘Silver for Writing’ award at the 2018 London Loop Awards. Cheers guys!

A couple of hours earlier though it could have been a very different outcome. On route to the ceremony in Shoreditch, I was naively partaking in a pre-awards Yo Sushi, as you do (there was no mention of food on the invite so I wasn’t taking any chances). Looking at my watch I still had 45 minutes to get there. I had plenty of time didn’t I… Didn’t I? The answer was no. No. I. Did. Not. What I hadn’t taken into account was the labyrinth of tunnels I had to walk through to get to the Victoria Line, nor the chaos which I was about to endure when walking up and down a road pretending to be Shoreditch High Street, which, 102 buildings later I discovered was not. For close to an hour I was running around trying to locate this seemingly hidden venue! The hair and make up wasn’t best pleased either…

But alas, all’s well that ends well as they say and I couldn’t be happier with the award. Particularly as, having grown up as a London girl myself, the content of my writing entry came from an honest account of the evolving city over the years. As I say in my ‘About me’ section, I’ve always been very fond of pen to paper in whatever form it takes – and now I’m even fonder.