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  /  Uncategorised   /  How a simple cog changed everything

I’m not talking about any old cog, I’m referring to the Honda ‘Cog’. Or more specifically, the 2009 Honda advert titled ‘Cog’ which portrayed how a simple rolling cog created the pinnacle of all ‘knock-on effects’. (That’s too many ‘cogs’ for one paragraph’!)

To this day I haven’t seen a better advert in terms of its sheer execution, so if you find one please tell me!

And the reason I love it so much is because the guys and girls over at Wieden & Kennedy could have taken the easy way out. For once, the idea was probably the easiest part of this ad: Cog rolls along, knocks into consequent car parts, reveals the car… nice and simple. They probably had the animators and special effects team on speed dial, ready and waiting to take that idea and ‘fake’ the hell out of it until they had an interesting but average ad to show for it. But thank goodness that somebody put the phone down on them (or so I imagine) and said the words, ‘We’re filming this for real’.

To be honest, if it wasn’t real, and didn’t involve what must have been thousands of hours of painstaking work, this is an advert which wouldn’t be on anyone’s radar today. But right there shows the importance of how an idea may be the starting point of all things good, but the execution can often make or break it.

That’s what makes it for me anyway… oh, and the use of Sugar Hill Gang at the end of course!