Amy Parkhill - That girl with the ideas

I have lots of ideas

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In short:

In long:

I love waffle.

Waffle topped with tasty syrup that is. But I hate marketing waffle. Words like ‘ideation workshops’, ‘planograms’ and don’t even get me started on catching ‘low hanging fruit’. So I’ll cut to the point. I’m Amy – the Lead Creative here. ‘I’ am also a ‘we’, working closely with a whole gaggle of clever clogs creative bods, from illustrators to web geeks (it’s OK – I can say that, we’re friends), to animators, to strategists… Jeez, I can’t do everything! Back to me though. I am an ideas person. Ideas which come to life through graphic design, web design, copywriting, advertising, brand identity, storyboarding, good old-fashioned pens & pencils (aaaaand breathe). I deliver first class creative for freelance rates, all in one place. There’s no fluffiness, jargon or any other marketing nasties for that matter. And it’s as nice and simple as that.

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